Thursday, October 06, 2005


so the Braves got their butts kicked. hudson had a real rough night and, combined with a stellar night by morgan ensberg et al, that's not good. the astros were not close to unhittable, but the Braves were less so. i was surprised at the old guys in the lineup (jordan, franco, estrada - umm, can estrada really be called old???), but someone on rude and dukes this morning mentioned the righty/lefty matchup. oh well, i'm assuming that we'll be seeing the rookie infusion tonight. heck, they bolstered the team practically all year, they deserve a shot at the postseason.

still psyched about smoltz/clemens tonight, though. if we can get 7 (or 8!!!) solid innings from smoltzie, i like our chances a lot. clemens is awesome, but he's not unhittable. the braves have some big bats and chipper and andruw looked pretty good last night.

i love Truth&Rumors at cnnsi. someone else combs the nation's papers and posts some nice tidbits for the rest of us. sometimes, you get a real gem and sometimes you get a bunch.

"In the offseason, several Penn State coaches -- including quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno and offensive coordinator Galen Hall -- traveled to Texas for an open-book lesson on the Longhorns' playbook. Penn State hoped to borrow some elements: How Texas used quarterback Vince Young, how it incorporated the spread offense. The Nittany Lions hope quarterback Michael Robinson can repeat Young's effectiveness against Ohio State.-- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette"

that's kinda sad, isn't it? some other coaches obviously have it figured out, so the PSU coaches need to go learn from them to figure out what to do with michael robinson, a FIFTH YEAR SENIOR??? he's been there how long and they still don't know what to do with him? unreal... now the question is, who do i want to see lose more, osu or psu? classic meteor game. (paul westerdawg rulez)

"Southern California quarterback Matt Leinart suggested Tuesday that Arizona State linebacker Robert James threw a cheap shot at him Saturday in the first quarter of USC's 38-28 victory. Leinart reportedly had seven stitches in his chin Tuesday for a wound presumably caused by the hit. James said the hit was just part of a defensive play.-- Arizona Republic"

oh, waaah... pretty boy...

"Florida State coach Bobby Bowden has recognized something different about this year's group of players, something he knew to be an encouraging sign. "For some reason, they're on time for meetings," he said. "For some reason, nobody's late for the bus ... which means maybe they're a little bit more attentive, a little bit more focused." Absent is a lightning rod for discord and discontent, a role that quarterback Chris Rix filled for four seasons.-- St. Petersburg Times"

oh gee, you're supposed to be at meetings and on time for the bus? who'da thunk it? saint bobby runs a real tight ship down there in tallahassee, he does...


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