Wednesday, October 05, 2005

where have i been?

so i haven't done much of anything lately. why, you ask? (probably not, but humor me here and let me at least pretend i have "friends" in cyberspace, or at least some people who are so geeky that they have to read anything that even hints at possibly being about Michigan football, 'k?)

we (and by "we", i mean "my wife") had a baby on Friday, September 30 at 7:01am EDT!!!!! she's super cute, way cuter than you were as a baby. seriously.

i did get to watch the UM-MSU game from the hospital, although i don't remember some of it too well, being sleep-deprived and constantly interrupted by nurses/doctors/well-wishing visitors who think nothing of the fact that i am trying to watch me some football in the midst of the joy that is fatherhood. so basically, let me just say that Michigan rules and is back and msu sucks and blows it, as usual.

minnesota? don't know. they blew it against psu, as is their annual trend as well, although i watched none of the game. i have no prediction for saturday other than that Michigan will beat minnesota (don't know by how much) and that osu will beat psu (just because). illinois will shock (is anything in that game really a shocker, or anything that anyone really cares about) indiana, because my wife went to illinois (great basis for calling games, huh?). i don't know who else is playing.

i also know the Braves are playing and will shock (yes, shock) the astros and all the pundits who say "astros in games." they're the trendy pick right now. Braves will bring them back down to earth. i was planning on going to the thursday game with my dad (clemens vs smoltz, droool), but plans change (baby and all).

so, without even further ado, the baby:


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