Thursday, October 20, 2005

so i was on my way to the market

when psu scored like 15 pts in half a second to take an 18-10 lead on Michigan. ok, maybe i was on my way BACK from the market, who knows, but the wife wanted grapes and since the game wasn't televised in atlanta... i just have this to say...


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so Michigan travels to iowa city to face the annually slow starting then pace picking up hawkeyes this saturday. 2 underachievers who (hopefully for Michigan) are back on the right track. of course, things get a little dicey. Michigan is apparently due for a loss. no, really. it's true. let's go to the tale of the tape.

NIU: win
ND: loss
EMU: win
Wisconsin: loss
MSU: win
Minnesota: loss
PSU: win

notice a pattern anywhere? that's right, we can apparently only beat teams with either "state" or a direction in their names. so chalk up a loss to Iowa, a win against Northwestern (2 directions!! whoopee!!), a loss to indiana, and a win against OSU. ok, or there is the every other game thing, too, but the 2 faux theories work so well together.

in other news...

astros vs white sox. whoopeedoo (that's code for, "i don't care").

Atlanta Braves lose pitching coach leo mazzone to the yankees orioles. sup wit dat... i have no idea who will replace him, but i'm guessing someone from the farm system. aol/time/warner can't afford to pay anyone any kind of real money, you see, so the budget choice will probably be the one. i did hear someone suggest don sutton (currently in the booth for the braves radio/tv broadcasts and former pitcher) on sports radio this morning. that would be interesting, although he would be taking a big pay cut... keep your eyes and ears peeled for further developments.

parting shots:

and isn't it just so much better when the players storm the stands instead of the fans storming the field?

the rest can be found on the UM Football site

added a couple new pics from flickr. credit to tienmao and andrew morrell


and i totally stole this from mgoblog (ANDREW MORRELL PIC):


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