Monday, September 26, 2005

who are these guys?

so my wife was telling me after the game that it looked like a bunch of scrubs dressed up in Michigan unis out there on the field. she noted that they lack confidence and generally look bored or confused out there. she said that it's "un-Michigan." and this is coming from a diehard illinois fan!

things that angered, annoyed, and generally ticked me off:

1) i keep harping on this, but how can MICHIGAN, a team known for having perennially great OL's, not punch it into the endzone on 4th and goal from the ONE YARD LINE? INCONCEIVABLE! what's even more inconceivable is the fact that this has already happened TWICE this season (also against nd).
- 1st and goal vs ND results in an INT.
- 1st and goal vs ND results in TO on downs
- 1st and goal vs ND results in 2 fumbles (1 recovered, 1 lost)
- 1st and goal vs Wisconsin results in TO on downs
- 1st and goal vs Wisconsin results in FG (to be fair to henne, manningham did drop a TD pass)
Michigan had five 1st and goal opportunities in 2 games and came away with 3 points and 4 turnovers. that's bad even for a team without high expectations. that's REALLY bad for Michigan. i've always like Michigan's and the cincy bengals' helmets. the bengals are actually decent this year, so it looks like Michigan has officially taken over the "Bungles" moniker. seriously.

2) what is up with special teams? everyone kept hyping breaston as being better than ted ginn or devin hester or whomever, but he can't do anything if he doesn't get the opportunity. the one great return he had was called back on holding, which explains a lot. every other time he tried to return a punt, the gunner was in his face a fraction of a second after the ball got there. that's just bad protection on special teams, kids.

3) and why can't any of our running backs hold onto the dang ball? hart had one fumble early and then is going on something like three hundred touches without a fumble. martin and grady already have something like 5 fumbles between them. i do like the way martin runs. he cuts a maroney-like profile, which is not at all a bad thing.

4) massaquoi, long, kolodziej, hart - get well soon! PLEASE!!!

5) the defense was pretty decent until late in the game when they got worn down. too bad we couldn't capitalize early on. the final score should have been something like 31-23. anyway, david harris looked pretty good out there, as did grant mason. lamar woodley was great, as usual. i saw a lot of gabe watson running over guys, which always makes me smile. he's no rod coleman, but he's not bad. the D will need to be jacked as possible because they have MSU in East Lansing saturday, and those guys are scoring like a billion points per game. they're looking USC good on offense right now. maybe it's time for them to lay the annual "egg" that they are known for. not likely, but i can always hope.

prognosis? the coaches aren't adequately preparing players and instilling confidence, which translates to a lot of poor plays and missed opportunities on the field. henne lost whatever confidence he had last year - don't call it braylon, because he still has jason "hands of glue" avant (although i sure wouldn't mind having braylon for the msu game). basically, this team has no "hart". haha, ok, really bad pun. but in the words of gene hackman in the replacements, this team needs "heart." big time.

edit: and here is the latest Michigan Monday from the o-zone.

edit2: funniest post yet on mgoblog...


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